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Ted Turner's Ten Voluntary Initiatives

Ted Turner, at a 1988 National Press Association meeting, claimed that an alternative to the Ten Commandments found in the Bible is in order. Below is his list:

1) I promise to have love and respect for the planet earth and living things thereon, especially my fellow species--humankind.

2) I promise to treat all persons everywhere with dignity, respect, and friendliness.

3) I promise to have no more than two children, or no more than my nation suggests.

4) I promise to use my best efforts to save what is left of our natural world in its untouched state and to restore damaged or destroyed areas where practical.

5) I pledge to use as little nonrenewable resources as possible.

6) I pledge to use as little toxic chemicals, pesticides, and other poisons as possible and to work for their reduction by others.

7) I promise to contribute to those less fortunate than myself, to help them become self-sufficient and enjoy the benefits of a decent life, including clean air and water, adequate food and health care, housing, education, and individual rights.

8) I reject the use of force, in particular military force, and back United Nations arbitration of international disputes.

9) I support the total elimination of all nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons of mass destruction.

10) I support the United Nations and its efforts to collectively improve the conditions of the planet.

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